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Model: XRT136 No need to setup, just insert new alkaline batteries to work well! The remote Compatible with below Vizio TV models: D24f-F1 D32f-F1 D43f-F1 D50f-F1 P75-E1 D24fF1 D32fF1 D43fF1 D50fF1 P75E1 E43-E2 E50-E1 E50x-E1 E55-E1 E55-E2 E43E2 E50E1 E50xE1 E55E1 E55E2 E60-E3 E65-E0 E65-E1 E65-E3 E70-E3 E60E3 E65E0 E65E1 E65E3 E70E3 E75-E1 E75-E3 E80-E3 M50-E1 M55-E0 E75E1 E75E3 E80E3 M50E1 M55E0 M65-E0 M70-E3 M75-E1 P55-E1 P65-E1 M65E0 M70E3 M75E1 P55E1 P65E1