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Green Audio GAM-510 is an omnidirectional lavalier microphone, perfect for video use, designed for Smartphones, DSLR, Camcorders, Audio recorders, PC etc. The lavalier microphone features an Omni pickup pattern, for full, 360-degree coverage. An integrated 6-meter (20”) cable with 3.5mm 4-pole gold plug, can connect directly to Smartphones, most of the cameras.


GAM-700PS 3.5MM Professional Cheaper Plastic Condenser Microphone For Computer Recording Studio Game Singing Live Broadcast


The C01U Pro is the ideal solution for musicians, producers, broadcasters, as well as recording audio for YouTube videos, voiceovers and podcasts. A large, 19mm diaphragm captures all the nuances of your voice, making the C01U PRO ideal for hip-hop/rap artists, singer-songwriters and ADR (automated dialogue replacement) work with video editing suites. In addition, the mic element is shock-mounted within a solid die-cast metal construction to minimize unwanted handling noise/vibrations on your recordings.

WSTER Wireless Microphone Hifi Speaker

4 in 1 MICROPHONE KARAOKE : Professional Grade Karoke microphone can be used as Microphone, loudspeaker, recorder, Bluetooth speaker, Radio Player - Perfect for Parties, Gathering singing, Family singing, Travel singing, Car Stereo, Instrument Recording, Interviews and Live events,and It supports Song Switch, Play or Pause.


INSTRUMENT MICROPHONE Microphone Type: Dynamic Polar Pattern: Cardioid (unidirectional) Frequency Response: 30 to 13,000 Hz Polarity: Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 relative to pin 3 of microphone output connector Output Impedance (at 1000 Hz): 350 ohms Sensitivity (at 1000 Hz): -55 dBV/Pa, (1.8 mV), 1 Pascal=94 dB SPL Electromagnetic Hum Sensitivity: 25 dB equivalent SPL in a 1 millioersted eld (60 Hz)

Studio Z DM-48 Unidirectional Dynamic Professional Cardioid Microphone

  • Studio Z DM-48 unidirectional dynamic microphone: Professional performance microphone. The tailored frequency response is ideal for lead vocals, backup vocals, and spoken word applications.
  • What is a Dynamic Microphone: Dynamic mics have several advantages that make them ideal for live vocal applications and for recording amplified instruments.
  • Maintains a true cardioid pattern throughout its frequency range: Ensures high gain before feedback, and rejection of off-axis sound. A presence rise brightens mid-range performance, and a low frequency roll off controls proximity effect.
  • A great performance microphone for lead vocals, backup vocals, and spoken word applications: From small venues, to churches, and big auditoriums, this microphone has proven to be stage worthy
  • Added bonus: 16ft XLR Male to XLR Female cable, and hard plastic padded carrying case..

Peavey PV 7 Microphone with XLR to XLR Mic Cable

Additionally, the PV 7 features an on/off switch, and comes with a 16.4' (5m) XLR to XLR mic cable.
Dynamic microphone
Neodymium magnet
No phantom power required
High-sensitivity output
  • Peavey PV 7 Microphone with XLR to XLR Mic Cable
  • 16.4' (5m) XLR to XLR Mic Cable
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty

Peavey PVi 100 XLR Dynamic Cardioid Microphone

  • Dynamic cardioid microphone designed for stand-mount application
  • On/off switch
  • Includes carrying pouch, mic clip and 6 meter XLR cable
  • Also available with 1/4 inch cable

Shure SM58-LC Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

  • Frequency response tailored for vocals, with brightened midrange and bass rolloff to control proximity effect
  • Effective built-in spherical wind and pop filter. Frequency response: 50 to 15,000 Hz
  • Pneumatic shock-mount system cuts down handling noise.
  • Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound source and minimizes background noise

Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

  • Contoured frequency response is clean, instrumental reproduction and rich vocal pickup
  • Professional-quality reproduction for drum, precussion, and instrument amplifier miking
  • Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main source while reducing background noise
  • Extremely durable under heaviest use
  • Frequency response 40 to 15,000 Hz
  • Connectivity: Wired

Shure PGA57-XLR Cardioid Dynamic instrument Microphone

  • Tailored microphone cartridge design for clear reproduction of sound source
  • Cardioid polar pattern picks up audio from the source while rejecting unwanted noise
  • Updated industrial design with black metallic finish and grille for unobtrusive visual presence
  • Stand adapter for mounting to a microphone stand
  • Zipper pouch included for additional protection during storage or transport
  • Legendary Shure quality design and construction for exceptional performance in rigorous environments