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lice A007K Zink Alloy Guitar Capo for Acoustic Guitars

Brand New & High Quality  Zink Alloy Capo Designed for Acoustic Guitar Easy / Fast / Accurate / Durable Very

D’Addario PW-CP-13 NS Artist Classical Capo



D'Addario PW-CP-13 NS Artist Classical Capo Designed specifically for classical guitars and instruments with flat (non-radiused) fretboards, the NS Artist Classical Capo utilizes a patented trigger geometry reducing the force required to open and close the capo while applying even tension regardless of neck profile. Combined with the micrometer tension adjustment and direct horizontal pressure, the NS Artist Classical Capo virtually eliminates pulling the strings side to side and the need to retune during use. Additionally, the trigger design and lightweight aluminum construction adds no obstruction or noticeable weight to the neck of the instrument. The NS Artist Classical Capo includes an NS Mini/Micro Tuner mounting bracket, allowing you to add tuning capabilities to the capo. Tuner sold separately.

D’Addario Classical Pro Capo PW-CP-04

The D'Addario Classical Pro Capo is designed specifically for use on classical guitars. The patented micrometer adjustment mechanism allows the player to dial in the exact tension needed for clear ringing notes without excessive force in any position on the neck.