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Dual 10 Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer • Dual VU Meters level monitor • Dual 10 bands Eq with blue leds • 2 RCA Line input / 2 RCA line Output • 2 RCA line Output for REC • VFD display screen • Bass/Midrange/High gain control • Left/Right channel volume gain control • 110/220V power switch • Removable rack mount brackets • Dimensions: 19”w x 9.3” h x 2.2”d • Weigh: 5.1 lbs


The DriveRack PA2 provides all the processing you need between your mixer and amplifiers to optimize and protect your loudspeakers.
With the latest advancements in dbx’s proprietary AutoEQ and AFS algorithms, a new input delay module for delaying the FOH system to the backline, Ethernet control via an Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows device, and updated Wizards, the DriveRack PA2 continues the DriveRack legacy of great-sounding, powerful, and affordable loudspeaker management processors, for a whole new generation.