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Zildjian enters the world of ready-made cymbal stacks with the FX Stacks series — available in multiple sizes to avail different tonal textures around the kit. Each FX Stack is comprised of two specially designed cymbals: a top cymbal crafted from a proprietary alloy manufactured to maximize cut and versatility, and a bottom cymbal made of cold-rolled steel to impart focus, durability, and visual appeal.


The new Zildjian FXS10 FX Stack allow drummers to explore a variety of pitches and quick, brilliant staccato sounds in one versatile cymbal pair. Using the exclusive Cymbolt mount, easily switch from a stack to a traditional Hi Hat setup, transitioning from bright, fast, and cutting sounds to trashy and raw, simply by adjusting the wingnut.

DISC Zildjian ZBT E2P Expander 2 Cymbal Pack, Crash & China

The ZBT E2P Expander Set features a bright, intense sound that cuts through the mix and adds two additional sounds to your existing Set-Up. This pack includes an 18'' ZBT Crash and an 18'' ZBT China and is a great addition to your existing Cymbal Set-Up.


The Zildjian City Pack is the perfect combination of sound and practicality. This 4-cymbal set was designed to deliver the legendary Zildjian sound for smaller sized drum kits and percussion set-ups. From apartments to the street musician or anyone gigging with compact set-ups, these smaller sized cymbals are a great alternative, providing a tightly defined, attenuated sound with blended overtones.


ildjian's 14" S Series Thin Crash is engineered to give today's drummers a feel and tone that will sit comfortably in most genres of music. It's made from a B12 alloy that offers a specific balance of lows, mid frequencies, and highs. And the S Series Thin Crash is hand hammered and fully lathed to ensure you get a precise weight, feel, and sound. The Zildjian 14" S Series Thin Crash will give your kit a new sound that sits well in any style of playing. Many Sweetwater drummers have been swearing by Zildjian for a long time.


Planet Z Hi-Hat Pair 13 in. Pair For drummers looking to make their first entrance to the Zildjian family, the newly updated Planet Z is the place to start the journey. Crafted in U.S.A. of a new nickel-silver alloy, the new Planet Z is a sonically the place to start the journey. Crafted in U.S.A. of a new nickel-silver alloy, the new Planet Z is a sonically superior cymbal in its price category and is truly worthy of bearing the Zildjian name